17. Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island

Photo: Cara Howe/Netflix

Most of episode 10 is shot at Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island, which stands in for the organization run by Bakuto that took in Colleen when she came back from Japan. Things start to get fishy quick however and Danny ends up getting rescued by Davos, who has been sent from K’un Lun. Colleen, with her loyalties tested, decides to help Danny out.

Snug Harbor in Staten Island was founded in 1801 by Captain Robert Richard Randall as a home for retired seamen. The retirement community opened in 1833 and remained open until the 1960s when it was moved to Sea Level, North Carolina. In 1965, Snug Harbor was declared a National Historic Landmark and reopened in 1976 as a cultural/art institution with a sprawling campus-like setting, including a botanic garden, a theater, a chapel, a farm, museums, cottages, and much more.

Snug Harbor was also recently the faux destination for the museum dedicated to the Staten Island Ferry disaster that never happened.