2. Joy Meachum’s House/Danny’s Old House – 19 Gramercy Park

Photo: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Danny heads back to the Meachum’s house at 19 Gramercy Park, a 37-room mansion known as the Stuyvesant Fish Residence. Dating to 1845, 19 Gramercy Park was built for William Samuel Johnson, a Connecticut senator and one of the original signers of the Constitution, and later expanded by famous architect Stanford White.

The neighbors nearby would have included the elite of the city and country, including Samuel Tilden, whose home is now the National Arts Club and the actors who frequented the Players Club, founded by Edwin Booth. 19 Gramercy Park has seen guests the likes of John Steinbeck, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall, and John Barrymore. In 2000, 19 Gramercy Park was sold to Dr. Henry Jarecki, the father of Andrew Jarecki, director of the HBO documentary series The Jinx.

The interiors are also filmed inside 19 Gramercy Park, including a stunning multi-level chandelier/art piece and a great rooftop.