In December, Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young was a guest on the show Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, hosted by Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics. The episode was recorded at Symphony Space on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in front of a live audience and was released live today.

The episode theme was “Under the Hood” and Michelle presented some of her favorite facts about New York City’s pneumatic tube mail system, and asked the judges “Can you guess what the first five items to go through the NYC pneumatic tube system were?” She stumped the judges, and went on to become a finalist. Did she win? Listen on through the streaming option below or download the episode on iTunes.

The episode featured special guest judges Seth Godin, author, marketer and action figure, who can change the world with a canoe, a paddle and a calm body of water; Faith Salie, author of Approval Junkie and regular on CBS Sunday Morning and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me…and Tell Me Something I Don’t Know; and Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the MIT Media Lab, who would make a great spy… and maybe already has.