Liberty LoanDouglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin, April 1918, Liberty Loan Drive. Image via: U.S. Library of Congress

Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:
Denied access to Trump Tower public space, protestors still hold affordable housing teach-in [The Architect’s Newspaper]: … some fifty people gathered outside Trump Tower’s fifth-floor public terrace to protest proposals from New York Governor Cuomo and President Trump that would affect affordable and public housing in New York. The event was organized by Alliance for Tenant Power and Real Rent Reform, two grassroots coalition groups that draw support from a range of New York City tenant organizations, labor unions, not-for-profits, and advocacy groups.

  • Digging Deep into New York City’s Rich Tattoo History [The Village Voice]: The latest exhibit on view at the New York Historical Society, “Tattooed New York” chronicles over three hundred years of tattoo history ranging from Native American tattooing practices from three centuries ago, to the professional tattooed ladies who graced the stages of freak shows at the turn of the century, all the way through the ban on tattooing in 1961 to now.
  • Whitney Houston Biennial 2017 Features 125 Female Artists in New York City [WWD]: For this year’s installment of the Whitney Houston Biennial, founder Christine Finley has lined up 125 female artists. Running through March 29 at chashama at XOCO at 325 West Broadway in Manhattan, the all-women show features art, poetry readings, dance performances and guided tours.
  • Why Robert Moses Keeps Rising From an Unquiet Grave [The New York Times]: Builder of infrastructure. Ravager of neighborhoods. Maker of omelets. Breaker of eggs. Never mind civics texts. “The Power Broker,” Robert A. Caro’s biography of Mr. Moses, is the book that still must be read — 43 years after it was published — to understand how New York really works.

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