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1. Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez Announces Support of Designation For Loew’s 157 Theater [Historic Districts Council]: Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez has officially endorsed the designation of the Loew’s 175th aka United Palace Theater! At a press conference at the United Palace Theater, CM Rodriguez announced that he was in support of the Landmarks Preservation Commission designation. He said “this is not my victory, this is our victory” and praised the theater as “a treasure for the whole nation”.

2. Is The 1960s World’s Fair Underground Home Still There? An Investigation [Gothamist]: It was 1999, a time when underground homes were a relic from a bygone era when Americans had feared and prepared for the worst. In the ’90s, we were no longer worried about this, living in what would, in retrospect, be an all too brief reprieve from the fear of a nuclear blast. During that window when the fear faded, these underground homes were just kitschy time capsules.

3. Remembering New York City’s days of deadly smog [6sqft]: Over Thanksgiving weekend in 1966, the layer of smog that hung above New York City killed about 200 people. An estimated 300–405 people died during a two-week smog episode in 1963. In 1953, as many as 260 died from breathing the city’s air over a six-day stretch.

4. 16 Incredible Pictures That Show Just How Much NYC Has Changed [BuzzFeed News]: In conjunction with the Museum of the City of New York and their ongoing exhibit Gilded New York, photographer Harlan Erskine has hit the city streets to capture the incredible transformation of over 100 years of progress in New York City. The exhibit’s accompanying app, A Walk Through Gilded New York, brings Erskine’s pictures to life as a walking tour narrated by actress Grace Gummer, inviting New Yorkers and tourists alike to visit some of the city’s most culturally significant landmarks.

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