Restaurants: Taqueria


The Taqueria offers Oaxacan Mexican fare with decor that has a L.A. vibe. This food is characterized by fresh flavors and ingredients—not much spice and some heat. Its menu hasn’t changed much since inception; they stick to regional traditions very well. It’s exactly what you’d find on the streets of Oaxaca. The decor and music is inspired by classic rock bands from the 70s and 80s.

Taqueria suffered flooding during Superstorm Sandy and was closed for many months. When they reopened in 2013, they were able to secure a liquor license and became even busier than before. There’s often a line out the door for a table on most nights for dinner, but lunch is never terribly busy. We recommend getting fresh-made guacamole, the chicken enchiladas verdes, a sangria or tacos (the carnitas (pork) and the pescado (fish) are personal favorites). There’s plenty of yummy vegetarian options too.

Near Grove St. Path station on the corner of Grove and Grand Streets.

White Star


White Star burger Bar is a casual neighborhood burger joint in Paulus Hook, with its original location in Hamilton Park. The decor is early century industrial with a clean modern feel and friendly staff. Before entering, take a look down Warren Street for a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty. And of course, have a burger— it’s one of the best in Jersey City. Start out with the pulled pork nachos—that’s a must have, then grab one of their many specialty burgers made with Pat LaFrieda meats. It’s an old New York butcher business that’s been around for 90 years, but moved across the river to Jersey a few years ago. Other options include the bubbly bacon mac and cheese. It also has a craft cocktail menu with many modern and classic offerings including a Moscow mule and the Redhead, made with Pyrat rum, strawberry and lime soda.

Take the Path train from WTC to Exchange Place. Located a few blocks west at 179 Warren St.