4. Toiletpaper Paradise on View at Cadillac House in Soho

Cadillac House Untapped Cities AFineLyne (2)Toiletpaper Paradise now on view at Cadillac House

If you haven’t been to Cadillac House, here’s a heads-up – it really is a Cadillac dealership. Entering the large glass front-doors, stroll down a very long row of simply gorgeous, shiny cars, inhaling the smell of new-car leather, to the end – a gallery with their latest exhibit.

Currently on view, Toiletpaper Paradise, which is an immersion into Toiletpaper Magazine‘s aesthetic, or as one of the founder’s of the magazine put it, a “metal outburst of shared ideas.” This colorful, interactive exhibit is an eclectic display from their shop. Feel free to explore – from the shower to the kitchen. Toiletpaper Paradise will be on view to April 12, 2017. Cadillac House is located at 330 Hudson Street, just south of Charlton Street.

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