Plaza33, the outdoor pedestrian plaza at Penn Station that has previously displayed artworks from Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein now has a new installation: a human pyramid, titled “Human Structures.” The work, by Jonathan Borofsky, is meant to be both taken from a distance and from within. The artist has stated about the work, “It’s humanity connecting together to build our world” and encourages people to stand inside the sculpture and become part of it.

Jonathan Borofsky Human Structures Plaza 33 Penn Station-NYC-Untapped Cities AFineLyne

You may recognize Borovsky’s previous work, which includes “Molecule Man” in Berlin and “Hammering Man” series which is in over 15 cities. Borovsky often evolves and adapts a concept over an extended period of time, and you can see the evolution of Human Structures from drawings to 3D materials on the artist’s website. Iterations of Human Structures have been in Germany, San Francisco, the Beijing Olympic Park and the Vancouver Biennale.

Join us for an upcoming tour of the Remnants of Penn Station, with new dates added to this previously sold out tour:

Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station

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