10. Kosciuszko Bridge


When the 78-year-old Kosciuszko Bridge is demolished in 2018, it will join our list of former and lost bridges. But the current bridge is actually a replacement for the former Meeker Street bridge, as we showed in our article about the secrets of the secrets of the Kosciuszko Bridge.  A replacement, cable-stayed bridge, located south of the Kosciuszko, has been under construction since 2015; it will open in 2017 with three lanes in each direction. A second, cable-stayed span will also take over the current location of the Kosciuszko once it is demolished (too much fanfare and anticipation for New Yorkers).

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One thought on “10 Lost and Former Bridges in NYC

  1. Does it seem to the “Untapped Cities” staff that the demolition of the marble Central Park bridge in 1938 would be a great start to a detective or super-natural themed novel?

    Find a wooden coffin hidden walled up inside the bridge during 1938 demolition, and open it to find

    1.) A woman who comes to life—but is really a vampire?
    2.) A clue to a murder?
    3.) Gold coins and old bank notes?
    4.) a hidden room?

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