Our behind the scenes tour of the New Yorker Hotel has been so popular, we’ve asked our guide, senior engineer of the building Joe Kinney for additional dates before his retirement from the hotel in early summer. We have tickets left for tomorrow night’s tour, which starts at 5 PM (and three additional dates in May and June).

This special access tour includes a visit to the abandoned but historic and award winning power plant from 1929 that was once the largest DC generator in the world, walk through a long-closed tunnel that once whisked guests from the subway to the lobby, see Kinney’s impressive historical archives on the hotel, walk inside the elevator machine room that is still in operation, see a stunning view of the city from the Sky Room, and more.

Behind the Scenes Tour of the New Yorker Hotel!

Abandoned subway entrance

Abandoned Tunnel below the New Yorker Hotel leading to a former subway entrance

New Yorker Hotel’s Underbelly

Part of the abandoned power plant

Part of the abandoned power plant

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