This morning, we got a sneak peek on the NYC Ferry, before the system officially launches Monday, May 1st. Five boats, including “Lunch Box,” the very first named by New York City students, were docked at the GMD Shipyard inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A flurry of activity was taking place as the boats were being readied for inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard this morning.

We broadcast a Facebook live video (our stabilizer was down, so bear with us!) of our visit, speaking with executives and project managers at Hornblower, the operator of the NYC Ferry and New Stand, the concessions partner aboard the ferries. And Paul Lambson, Director of Customer Success at Hornblower and Andrew Deichtman, CEO & cofounder, The New Stand walked us around the vessels, showcasing the amenities. A full photograph set follows below showcasing the ins and outs of the new ferry vessels.

The ferries, of which there will eventually be twenty, were built in one of two shipyards along the Gulf Coast in Alabama and Louisiana and sailed up to Liberty Landing in Jersey City earlier this month. We’ll have an article on Monday going over the many fun facts we learned on our visit today but for now, check out the photographs of the new ferries!

The ferry has large windows along both sides, with the concession stand, New Stand in the middle that has beer on tap, pastries from Brooklyn’s Bien Cuit, a wide range of beverages, and all the accessories you could possibly need if you’re short.

The stylishly designed New Stand, which sells much more than just food and drink:

There are bike racks on the NYC Ferry, and the Rockaway ferry has surf racks!

Only one boat, Lunch Box, has been named, so the rest still have their standardized names:

The ferries fit 150 people each and a ride costs $2.75. Here is the top deck with its brand new life vests:

Here is the captain’s booth:

See our full coverage on the NYC Ferry. Stay tuned for more coverage on Monday as the system launches!