Women have played large roles in the history of America but often get overshadowed by male historical figures. With a new rotating exhibit The New-York Historical Society aims to shine a spotlight on the notable women who helped make the United States what it is today by creating a permanent space dedicated to women’s history in its newly renovated fourth floor called Saving Washington. The inaugural exhibition for the Center for Women’s History was directed and curated by Valerie Paley and opened on April 26, 2017.

The current Joyce B. Cowin Women’s History Gallery is 1,500 square feet features over 150 items that highlight the impact of First Lady Dolly Madison and other integral women of the early American era. The exhibition closes on July 30th when it will be replaced with a different women’s history exhibit.

To get a taste, check out these 10 highlights of the New Center for Women’s History exhibit: 

10. Office of the First Lady

At Dolly Madison’s desk, guests can view what the First Lady was up to in her day to day life. Dolly was known for calling and visiting anyone of import which set the precedence for the First Ladies that would follow her lead. On display at the desk in her exhibit are calling cards of people she kept in contact with and some of her preserved artifacts.

Dolly was incredibly social and corresponded with a wide array of influential people through letters, visits, and parties. Guests can interact with several of her written letters between people like Thomas Barton and Mary Latrobe via the touch screen on her desk.