Photo courtesy NYC H20

New York City’s streets cover buried streams from the original landscape of New York City and this Friday, ecological artist Stacy Levy will offer a workshop and lecture at Hunter College, presented by NYC H20 and co-sponsored by Untapped Cities. The interactive workshop, starting at 4 PM, will involve painting the path of formerly visible streams on the sidewalk using the Viele Map from 1865 and will be followed by a lecture on water, art and ecology at 7 PM.

Photo courtesy NYC H20

Levy is an internationally known artist who specializes in creating artful, site-specific interventions and engagements with water ecology, whose work has appeared in the Hudson River, Wave Hill in the Bronx, throughout Philadelphia and in public spaces around the country.

“Water is one of our favorite substances, yet we know very little about its ways,” says artist Stacy Levy. She explores hidden patterns of hydrology, drainage and microscopic life forms, from tiny microorganisms to large watersheds, using art to reveal the natural processes. This event will explore Levy’s collaborations with urban nature that meld art, engineering and ecology.

Register for the event at The event is free.

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