2. Thurgood Marshall Courthouse

The Thurgood Marshall Courthouse, located at 40 Centre Street at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan, took three years to build in 1933. Built in a Neoclassic architecture style, the building was supervised by Cass Gilbert until his death in 1934. The project was taken over by his son in 1935 until the building was finished in 1936. It features a lower base building with Greek colonnade topped by a 30-story tower, with large interior courtyards.

The courthouse functions as the Second Circuit of Appeals and the Southern District of New York. The U.S. General Services Administration describes it as “one of the first federal skyscrapers ever constructed…The design, combining an elegant square tower with a six-story base, met the substantial space requirements of the courts without visually overwhelming the nearby buildings (as a traditional horizontal federal building of the same square footage would have done).” Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993, the building received a $314 million upgrade in 2013.

The Thurgood Marshall Courthouse has been featured in the Showtime television show, Billions.