6. Saks Fifth Avenue Brought the Bob Haircut to the United States

Photo from Wikimedia Commons, cropped from original in Library of Congress.

Following his brother’s sudden death in 1927, Adam Gimbel became the president of Saks Fifth Avenue. Quite ironically, he was regarded as a sloppy dresser, but the store became his “child,” and he was driven to create an environment where his customers felt like guests.

“We want a store that gives the impression of entering a fine home,” said Gimbel.

To accomplish this mission, he offered the option of credit purchases, whereas other major stores (including Macy’s) were cash only. In addition, Gimbel brought in a leading Parisian coiffeur, who established a “bobbing salon” in the 1920s due to the widespread popularity of actress Louise Brooks’ famous bob cut. In fact, Saks Fifth Avenue is said to have brought the bob haircut to the United States.