7. Saks Fifth Avenue Made WWII Uniforms

Saks Fifth Avenue wasn’t just known for its luxury goods; it also outfitted members of the United States Olympic Ski Team and soldiers during WWII.

Because men were the only ones permitted to fight at the time, women took part in the war effort in other ways: some joined the Navy WAVES (also known as the Women’s Reserve), a division of the United States Navy that recruited women for voluntary emergency services. Among a number of other roles, women served as translators, interpreters and specialists in chemical warfare.

Their unique uniform, which incorporated feminine styles and included accessories like stockings, leather handbags and shoes, were sold by authorized retailers like Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Some of the original military coats are reportedly up for sale on retail websites like eBay. Here’s a woman’s military uniform from 1945 and an Ike uniform jacket currently being sold for $499.00 (authenticity not guaranteed).