Jeff Koons’ Seated Ballerina at Rockefeller Center is the latest of the artist’s work in New York City, but he has many other pieces viewable today and installed in the past. Koons, a New York resident, was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1955 and came to international acclaim following a 1980 exhibition at the New Museum. With inspiration from pop art and Dadism, Koons’s works are often iterative. In the public sphere, they are of monumental scale, but his gallery and museum art also stand on their own.

Here is where you can find the works of Jeff Koons currently in New York City, along with installations from the recent past::

1. Seated Ballerina

Last Friday, Jeff Koons’ Seated Ballerina opened at Rockefeller Center, a joint production between Koons, Art Production Fund and the beauty brand Kiehl’s, which is donating $100,000 of sales from a special edition Jeff Koons tin this month. The work is part of Koons’ Antiquities series and is inspired by a figurine from a Russian factory. This is the third version of the Seated Ballerina that Koons has made and the largest. In addition, it is only the second inflatable Koons has ever made for a public space.

See more photographs of Seated Ballerina here. The sculpture will be up until June 2nd.