3. Untapped Cities Tours: VIP Ellis Island Tour + Art Deco Tour

We’re excited to bring our readers on a very special VIP Tour of the Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital Complex, which takes place on May 27th. The event will not only include a tour of the historic buildings, but also a private film screening of the documentary “Forgotten Ellis Island,” a meet-and-greet with author and director Lorie Conway, and an autographed copy of her out of print book. We’ll explore places not on any other public tour route (including our standard tour, which already goes off-limits).

VIP Tour + Film Screening at Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital with Lorie Conway, Author and Director of ‘Forgotten Ellis Island’

Also join us for our newly launched Walking Tour of New York Art Deco Architecture, led by Anthony W. Robins, New York’s best-known Art Deco guide. On May 28th, we’ll bring visitors past the stunning monuments of the 1920s and 30s—from the towering Empire State Building to the Gramercy House on 22nd street.

Walking Tour of New York Art Deco Architecture