It’s Memorial Day week(end), and there’s a ton in store for New York City. If you’re staying in town, we’ve still got some spots available for upcoming tours, including a VIP tour of the abandoned Ellis Island hospitals and movie screening and an Art Deco architecture tour. Check out what’s upcoming:

TONIGHT 6 PM: Behind the Scenes at the New Yorker Hotel

Untapped Cities is excited to host this exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of The New Yorker Hotel, led by Joe Kinney, the senior project engineer and historian of the hotel. Experience both sides of history on this visit: walk in the glamorous footsteps of society’s rich and famous and learn about the hotel’s engineering and design feats. See off-limits places deep in the hotel’s underbelly, including the hotel’s award winning power plant and a tunnel that once connected to the subway system.

Joe Kinney has worked at the New Yorker Hotel since 1996 and has been reviving the storied past of the hotel. Part of the proceeds for this visit will support Kinney’s effort to expand the small historic exhibit he has built on the lower level of the hotel. We hope you will join us on this unique behind-the-scenes tour one of NYC’s most iconic hotel. A portion of the proceeds will go to the enhancement of its museum.

Behind the Scenes Tour of the New Yorker Hotel!

VIP Tour + Film Screening at the Abandoned Hospitals on Ellis Island – Saturday, May 27th at 2 PM

Have you been trying to get tickets to our hard hat tour of the abandoned Ellis Island Hospital but have found the dates sold out through much of 2017? We’re excited to bring our readers on a very special VIP event on Saturday, May 27th, which will include not only a tour of the historic buildings, but also a private film screening of the documentary Forgotten Ellis Island with author and director Lorie Conway, an autographed copy of her out of print book, and a meet and greet. The tour will include places not on any tour route (including our standard tour, which already goes off-limits). One highlight is an area where you can see evidence of repair to damage from the 1916 Black Tom explosion can be found.
VIP Tour + Film Screening at Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital with Lorie Conway, Author and Director of ‘Forgotten Ellis Island’

Walking Tour of NYC’s Art Deco Architecture with Anthony W. Robbins – Sunday May 28th, 11 AM

New York is defined by its Art Deco buildings, which has transformed the city into the thriving metropolis that stands today. In celebration of the city’s architectural legacy, Untapped Cities is partnering with Anthony W. Robins, New York’s best-known Art Deco guide, for a special walking tour that will bring visitors past the stunning monuments of the 1920s and 30s—from the towering Empire State Building to the Gramercy House on 22nd street. We’re holding this event on May 21st, in conjunction with the launch of Robins’ guidebook, New York Art Deco: A Guide to Gotham’s Jazz Age Architecturewhich captures thirty years’ worth of Art Deco knowledge within its pages.

Walking Tour of New York Art Deco Architecture

Untold Stories of 9/11 Walking Tour

The attacks of September 11, 2001 were a seminal event, forever changing New Yorkers and their city. While most of us are familiar with the basic elements of that day, there are fascinating facts and stories that are seldom told. On this walking tour, we’ll uncover lesser-known aspects of the tragedy. Discover the roots of the attacks and visit sites that played a key role in the incident. You’ll learn about the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, while hearing stories of extraordinary heroism and miraculous survival, which provide context for the most momentous event in New York’s history.

Untold Stories of 9/11 Walking Tour

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