4. New York City in Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Rather than having characteristics in common with New York City, some comic creators decided to cut out the allusion of a fictional city by setting their characters in the place they were going to mirror anyways. Three Marvel shows on Netflix, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cageare set right in prominent areas of New York City.

Jessica Jones is one of the newer comic book characters to have her own show as she debuted in Alias in 2001. The Netflix series centers around Jessica Jones and her history with the villain Kilgrave (whom she had an abusive past with) as she tries to save another girl that he kidnapped. While places like the Lincoln Tunnel and the Meatpacking District are recognizable in the show, it’s not directly stated which part of the city the scenes take place in. Much of it, however, is reminiscent of Hell’s Kitchen, where Jessica frequents Luke Cage’s bar. The show eventually introduces Cage, who went on to get his own series.

Daredevil, or “the “devil of Hell’s Kitchen,” is a blind superhero who takes it upon himself to clean up Hell’s Kitchen in a red body suit that’s shaped like the devil. His alter ego, Matt Murdoch is a do-gooder lawyer with slightly more drawn morality lines than his latex wearing self. Hell’s Kitchen is nowhere near as destitute or full of criminal activity as it was when it was ruled by the Irish mob. However, the state of the city in Daredevil is more geared toward Hell’s Kitchen’s history. Some notable New York City building cameos are the New York State Supreme Court and the secret Rockefeller Roof Gardens.

Luke Cage may have gotten its start in Jessica Jones but the Harlem-based series is holding its own. The series, which was filmed in Harlem and Brooklyn, seamlessly intertwines Harlem history and historic references, giving it an authentic feel. The idea of preserving the culture of Harlem and staying true to its roots are important and prevalent themes that allow the show to pay homage to the area and all it has accomplished for the community. Some notable film locations are Pop’s Barber Shop which is located in the Mount Morris Historic District and Newton Creek.

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