17. Prismatic Park Arriving at Madison Square Park

Three large, painted wood, and prismatic glass sculptures entitled Prismatic Park, created by artist Josiah McElheny, will arrive in Madison Square Park in June. The large-format, curved forms, will not only create new spaces, but will also be a vessel for “curvilinear, translucent blue sound walls for experimental music, a circular, reflective green floor for vanguard dance, and a vaulted-roofed luminous red and yellow pavilion for poetry.” The three open-form structures with stage-like platforms will come into play for the collaborating choreographers, dancers, musicians, and poets, who are associated with three nonprofit art organizations based in New York. Artists from Blank Forms, Danspace Project, and Poets House will be performing all summer.

McElheny is encouraging the artists to also use the space for rehearsals, or impromptu workshops. This interactive installation also invites the public to get creative, share their “unique voice” in the way that historically our public parks have become important political stages. Since the park welcomes more than 60,000 daily visitors, expect to see a lot of talent. This is the thirty-fourth art installation by Madison Square Park Conservancy. Prismatic Park by artist, Josiah McElheny will be on view to October 8, 2017.

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