Left, Municipal Building in Lower Manhattan. Right, The Kudrinskaya Square Building. Image via Wikimedia: Lodo27

New York City’s iconic skyline has unsurprisingly graced the front of postcards and various screen savers. After all, our sprawling metropolis is heralded for its stunning architecture; it’s home to some of the world’s most picturesque residential and commercial buildings — many of which have served as templates or inspiration for other structures around the world. Here are just a handful of sister buildings we’ve encountered over the years:

1. The World Trade Center Transportation Hub + Calatrava’s Train Station Near Lyon, France

The Gare Saint-Exupéry train station outside Lyon, France was also designed by Santiago Calatrava, and was completed in 1994. Serving as a terminal for TGV (high speed) trains, it connects the city of Lyon with the airport. Its design is inspired by the series of “Bird” sculptures by Calatrava and was originally planned for the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville.

The Gare Saint-Exupéry is clearly a precursor to the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which Calatrava had also described as bird in flight. The Lyon train station cost 750 million French francs at the time, which would be about 114 million Euros if converted today.

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