For the last two years, we’ve been bringing Untapped Cities readers into the Brooklyn Army Terminal in partnership with the NYCEDC for our Behind the Scenes NYC Tours series. Not only did we show off-limits locations, but we also tracked the $15 million development and renovation of the Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex into the new Food Manufacturing hub, which was open to media to visit this past Friday to mark the arrival of a few new tenants. The hub is targeted for small-to-medium sized food manufacturing companies based in New York City. The added bonus has been the launch of the NYC Ferry, which has a stop right at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

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Inside City Saucery

In an event opened by NYCEDC President James Patchett and Council Member Carlos Menchaca, we had the opportunity to tour the facility, and taste locally-produced products by City Saucery, a family-owned sauce and condiment company inspired by the traditions of Calabria, Italy, Salty Road, a salty water taffy company featuring unique flavors and natural ingredients, and MOMO Dressing, a family-owned Japanese salad dressing company run by a husband and wife team. The MOMO Dressing team, the food hub’s first tenant that moved in last summer, tells Untapped Cities that they have increased the number of accounts by 25% since moving in.

Here are some photographs inside this new space:

Inside MOMO Dressing

Making taffy at Salty Road

Inside City Saucery


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