Cool Streets

Dyckman Street

Dyckman Street is Inwood’s only street running river to river, from the Harlem on the east to the Hudson on west. But it is far more than a functional cross-street.

Named for the Dyckman family, today it is probably best known for its restaurants. From a 24-hour place offering mofongo and other Dominican comfort food, to Latin fusion, sushi, Italian, BBQ/smokehouse, and a gastropub, there are plenty of choices. Many of these eateries transform into an active nightlife scene after dinner, prompting some neighbors to complain the street has turned into a noisy “alcohol alley.” At the far west end of the Dyckman Street, on the Hudson is the largest restaurant/club of all—La Marina, which attracts big crowds on summer weekends.

For those looking for a more relaxed vibe, Dyckman Street is not all brick and mortar, food and booze. It also provides access to five major parks — namely Fort Washington, Inwood Hill, Fort Tryon, High Bridge, and Sherman Creek —a pretty amazing selection of open spaces along a street that is only about a mile long.

215th Street—Step Street

Although little noticed in the rest of New York City, the Harlem River forms a valley of low lying waterfront land with hills further inland. Throughout the Harlem River Valley, there are a number of step streets, which provide pedestrian access along public rights-of-way that are too steep for vehicles. In Inwood, the step street section of W. 215th Street is 200 feet long and rises 63 feet from Broadway up to Park Terrace East.

The City recently reconstructed the 215th Street step street and added step-themed quotes from Nelson Mandela and Lao Tzu at the base, to provide a bit of inspiration for those ascending the 110 steps.  After every 11 steps there is a landing, with the number of steps and elevation indicated on the top riser. There are also new plantings and seating along the way.