Two pairs of Brooklyn residents took to the course to work on their swing. 

Industry City just added its newest innovation: mini golf. Lying just off to the right of the orange archways of “innovation alley” in between buildings 5 and 6 of Industry City sits a brand new half-course where each of the nine holes are themed after a different Brooklyn landmark. 

Hole one begins with a big “IC” done in the style of the Industry City logo, but from there, golf lovers of all ages can travel through renditions of some the most iconic Brooklyn locations, including Coney Island‘s Wonder Wheel, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower and the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel just to name a few.

The new course is just one of several new events and pop-up activities Industry City is implementing this season as part of their “Summer Spree.” The Summer Spree, which started May 20th, will also feature events such as courtyard movies (including the films of Rooftop Films), art shows, and live music courtesy of the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg (located in the courtyard between buildings 1 and 2).  Summer-long staples will also be a fixed part of the spree, which includes activities such as a ping pong arena, outdoor bars and of course, the mini golf course. In order to receive the full schedule of summer events, head to the Industry City site and sign up for a fee-free subscription.

But for now, enjoy this photo set of tiny people hitting the green.

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