7. Hell’s Kitchen Is Home to the Last Four Remaining Carriage Stables in the City

Inside Clinton Park Stables

Although Mayor De Blasio originally pledged during his campaign to drive the horses and carriages out of the city, the Hell’s Kitchen area was once at the heart of the city’s carriage-making industry, which meant that for a long time, it was full of stables. Today, there are only four carriage stables left in the city: all are privately owned and located within a 15-block stretch of the same neighborhood, between 37th and 52nd Streets off of 11th Avenue.

The largest of them, Clinton Park Stables, was built in the 1860s for the city’s sanitation department, housing the horses that pulled street sweepers and garbage wagons. Today, it’s home to 78 horses that pull 39 of only 68 carriages that are licensed to operate in the city.

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