In this week’s installment of  The Wonder City, Owen starts digging into The Tovernboak, or the ancient Dutch document that explains the prophecy of the Parelzaad charm that was lost around Lizzie’s neck. It all begins with a Lenape shaman named Kapsee who received a vision of a great future city built on his ancestral lands. He also foresaw its complete destruction and how to prevent it. Before the end of his life, he wanted to pass the knowledge off to the new stewards of his homeland… the Dutch. 

Page 25 uses the central image of 1660 Castello Plan map of New Amsterdam while highlighting certain defining features of the Dutch city including the Stadt Huys, the Heere Graft/Bridge Street and the windmill. All stops on our Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam Tour,which was a direct result of the research done for this book. 

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