3. All Faith’s Cemetery, Middle Village, Queens: 540,000 Interments

Sitting on 225 acres of land, All Faith’s Cemetery in Queens is roughly 1/4 the size of Central Park, according to the cemetery’s official website.  Established over 157 years ago, All Faith’s has 540,000 permanent residents, but it is also a key tourist location for the living as well; with some of the highest vantage points in Queens, All Faith’s boasts some of the best views of Manhattan. Moreover, with over 200,000 pieces of historic architecture, it has also served as the backdrop for movies and shows such as Rosemary’s Baby and the Sopranos. 

The founder of the cemetery, Rev. W. Geissenhainer, would go down in history for much more than just establishing this historical landmark. Geissenhainer invented the process of iron smelting; without such technology, there would have been no Industrial Revolution.