11. Mount Carmel Cemetery, Glendale Queens: Over 85,000 Interments

Bordering Queens and Brooklyn along the Jackie Robinson Parkway, Mount Carmel Cemetery was founded in 1906 — the first in a boom of Jewish cemeteries that would later be established in New York City. This came as a direct result of the high volume of Eastern European immigration that was taking place in the early 20th century.

Mount Carmel is the final resting place to some of the most influential people in Jewish and Yiddish history despite having only 85,000 interments, which are spread across Mount Carmel’s 100 acres (a relatively low interment-to-acreage ratio).  According to Mount Carmel’s official website, the burial of Sholem Aleichem, the Russian-born writer is “without a doubt, the cemetery’s most famous resident.” At the time of his death in 1916, his funeral was the largest New York City had ever seen.