5. Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn/Queens: 400,000 Interments

French gravestones

Cypress Hills Cemetery is divided by the Jackie Robinson Parkway, and is therefore located in both Brooklyn and Queens. Among its 225 acres rests 400,000 people, including musicians, actors, athletes and inventors, such as the road-way’s namesake himself, baseball hall-of-famer and first African American Professional Major League baseball player, Jackie Robinson. Also among the buried are Dr. Thomas Holmes, who is credited as the father of American embalming, and the last surviving veteran of the War of 1812, Hiram Cronk. In fact, Cypress Hills is home to many who have fought in wars: part of the cemetery was especially dedicated to soldiers from the Civil War, 235 of which were confederate prisoners of war, who died on Hart Island.

Above ground, Cypress Hills is also home to two Abbeys: Cypress Hills Abbey (1931) and Memorial Abbey (1936). According to the Cypress Hills website, both abbeys still have many of their original features, including the windows, stained glass and chapel.