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  • City announces $106M plan to keep neighborhoods cool this summer [6sqft]: After a few days of extreme heat, Mayor de Blasio launched a $106 million initiative on Wednesday to protect New Yorkers from the risks of dangerously high temperatures this summer. The Cool Neighborhoods program aims to lessen the effects of the “urban heat island effect,” a problem that occurs in New York City due to its abundance of heat-holding asphalt and concrete and lack of greenery.
  • NYC Ferry will hire charter boats to accommodate growing crowds [Curbed NY]: It’s only been six weeks since its ahead-of-schedule debut, but the NYC Ferry’s new citywide service is already so popular the city has had to charter extra boats to keep up with demand. While the city had anticipated ridership might be up in the summer, the New York Times reports that they’d “underestimated just how much demand would outstrip supply.” To pick up the seasonal slack, the city has chartered two additional 400-person ferries for the summer, “at a cost of $485,000, or $60,000 per weekend.”
  • New York City’s iconic architecture comes to life on this skyline chess board [6sqft]: A new chess set lets you checkmate with New York City’s skyline. Developed by Skyline Chess, a company founded by two London-based architects, the game pieces capture the city’s early 1900s construction boom and the expansion of skyscraper architecture, along with more contemporary and recognizable structures. As contemporist discovered, the pieces are silhouettes of buildings like One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building, Guggenheim Museum, and traditional brownstones.
  • The 8 Best Rooftop Pools in NYC [Gothamist]: Though our beaches and public pools provide ample opportunity to cool off in the summer, sometimes a person tires of the lines at Ripper’s and screaming children at the McCarren Park Pool. The bad news is, some of the best places to post up poolside in this town are atop hotels, and if you’re not a guest or exclusive SoHo House member, you might have trouble getting in. The good news is, some of these lofted oases offer day passes or parties for non-fancy people.

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