Book Culture

In keeping with its reputation as an “Academic Acropolis,” due to its position on top of a sloping hill and its large quantity of academic institutions, Morningside Heights is home to the well-stocked Book Culture. The store has two locations—one on 114th street and Broadway, and another on 112th street, between Broadway and Amsterdam.

The store is full of books, literature-related gifts, and office supplies. It also carries a wide variety of cutting-edge arts and culture publications. In its 112th location, there is a second floor that supplies many students with their course books—so there is a vast treasure trove of volumes on almost any topic. Though pricey, the store’s design is aesthetically pleasing, and it always has beautiful additions of new and old books available for browsing and purchase.

Book Culture was founded in 1997 by Labyrinth Books, back when Morningside Heights became a ghost town in the summers and was frequently a gathering place for biker gangs. Since then, it has gone independent, changed its name, and moved into a Columbia-owned space, becoming the literary haven it is today.