In celebration of 2017’s Pride Week, countless LGBTQ+ celebrations are happening all over New York City, the largest being the massive Pride March on Sunday, June 25th. In addition to the parade, NYC Pride will also be hosting a multitude of events all week, including a three-day music festival on Pride Island, the first annual Village Voice Pride Awards on Wednesday the 20th, and much more.

There’s also a bevy of lesser-known places, parties, and performances to check out. Nobody celebrates Pride quite like New Yorkers, and no matter what (or who) you’re into, there is something for everyone going on in New York City’s dive bars, underground theaters, and classrooms that is sure to pique your fancy. This list is your road map to this week’s off-the-beaten-path highlights in experimental theatre, queer black short film, vintage photos, queer horror icons, rainbow ice cream, queer astrology, and so much more.

11. Save the Village: Gay Pride Tours

Photo by Fred W. McDarrah

Save the Village hosts walking tours based on the work of photographer Fred McDarrah, whose son Tim McDarrah recently spoke to Untapped Cities about his father’s legacy. In honor of Pride Month, Save the Village is hosting a unique Gay Pride tour in addition to their usual lineup. The new tour will focus on places McDarrah photographed in the West Village that were meaningful or significant to the LGBTQ+ community, including Washington Square Park and the Stonewall Inn.

McDarrah was a seminal photographer of the 1960’s, and he often captured instrumental moments in queer history, photographing luminaries like Allen Ginsberg and Andy Warhol. His photographs capture an verve and intensity singular to 1960s New York, when early American gay rights movements were gaining serious momentum, radical movements were blossoming, and the city was one of the rare places where everyone could express their true selves.

Register for a tour here.