2. Queer Astrology Conference at NYC Pride

Spend a Saturday attempting to decipher nature’s sparkliest creation—the stars and planets that surround the earth—in the company of members of the queer and non-binary community. Queer Astrology is an organization that connects queer astrologers, fosters community bonds, and delves into the secrets of the stratosphere.

For NYC Pride, Queer Astrology has put together a program starting at 10:30 AM on Saturday, June 24th at the Players Theatre in the West Village, Manhattan. It will begin with a lecture on Innanna, Sumerian goddess of romance, by Joanne McDonough, followed by a talk on Persephone by Samira Bechara and a play entitled “Letters to the Universe” by Shaunga Tagore. The programming will run through 4:15 PM. Other lectures include “Witchcraft 101: Astrology” and “Mercury and the Alchemy of Gender Nonconformity,” which will focus on Mercury’s duality and the dualities that queer and gender-nonconforming people often experience.

There’s also “Exploring Pluto’s Exposing Us,” will focus on parallels between the queer identity and the planet Pluto, emphasizing Pluto’s harsh and transformative environment and its symbolic significance, and many more. No matter how you feel about astrology, we can all learn something by looking deeper into ourselves and further out into the stars. Purchase tickets for the event here.