4. No Justice, No Pride

As fun and important as it is to douse yourself in rainbows and glitter this week, Pride Week is not only about celebration: it’s also about history, and it is a time to consider the future of a movement that has experienced as many setbacks as successes. On Sunday, June 25th, at the same time as the Pride March, the organization Collectively Free is hosting their own march entitled “No Justice, No Pride.” This march is intended to raise awareness about the ways marginalized groups, such as trans and non-binary people, people of color, and Native American and indigenous peoples, are silenced during Pride. The march will start from 39th Street between Park and Madison at 5:00 PM.

If you want to get even more involved in preparation for the march, on Sunday, June 25th at 5PM, organization Hoods4Justice is hosting a conversation about the place of trans, non-gender-conforming people of color and other particularly marginalized groups in the complex business that Pride has become. In recent years, Pride Month has often been commodified and used as a marketing tool for companies looking to score points with the social justice crowd, and the Pride March has been accused of undervaluing the queer community. This conversation, location TBD, will focus on elevating the voices of groups that have often been excluded from mainstream Pride celebrations in preparation for the march later in the day.

You can find information about the brainstorming session here and the march here.