13. Meditate at the West 111th Street People’s Garden

One of the most magical things about New York City is the way that so many tiny gardens pockmark its steely, industrial streets. In this tradition, on the corner of 111th and Amsterdam Avenue, the buildings break open for a second, and a small patch of greenery can be seen by the keen eye or knowing visitor. The West 111th Street People’s Garden, located at 112th and Amsterdam, is a lesser-known but very tranquil piece of landscaping that frequently provides a necessary respite for stressed-out students or any keen-eyed passersby.

Its location next to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine provides an alluring backdrop to accompany its tranquility. One of the garden’s highlights is the Peace Fountain, a 1985 sculpture depicting the battle between good and evil. With its rambling, charmingly unkempt wildflowers and its stone benches, this is a place worth visiting, if only to take a moment to reflect and breathe.