In honor of Pride Week, which culminated with the Pride March on June 25th, landmarks across New York City (and the United States) lit up in rainbow lights this past weekend. Alongside the expected display from the Empire State Building, other structures in the city — including the spire of One World Trade Centerthe Kosciuszko Bridge, and City Hall — radiated with the colors of the pride flag.

On June 23rd, the Kosciuszko Bridge and One World Trade Center’s spire also lit up in the colors of the transgender flag in honor of Trans Day of Action, a rally held annually in New York City in late June. In addition, the crosswalks on Christopher Street (near the Stonewall Innwere painted over with the colors of the rainbow, just in time for the Pride March, and colorful decals were laid along the route down Fifth Avenue, between 36th and 24th streets.

Meanwhile, over on the Lower East Side, Untapped Cities contributors and photographers James and Karla Murray caught sight of Ian Schrager’s new Public Hotel following suit, and across the United States, landmarks like Montrose Houston in Texas, the Lowry Bridge in Minneapolis, Portland City Hall in Oregon and others all displayed rainbow-themed lights in honor of LGBT Pride. Check out photos here.

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