Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • New York Today: The Cyclone Turns 90 [The New York Times]: I had imagined the Cyclone as a slow ride up and down a creaky wooden track — all 2,640 feet of it. Instead, I was both pleasantly surprised and slightly frustrated that I hadn’t done this sooner, like other New York kids.
  • Uplifting Moments: Candid Photographs From NYC Pride 2017 [Observer]: If you find yourself wondering why everything seems to be in rainbow vision, look no further than New York City’s annual Pride March. Though the entire month of June is LGBT Pride Month nationwide, the city where the Stonewall riots occurred nearly 50 years ago is known for its extraordinary celebration of Pride.
  • South Ferry subway station readies for its reopening after Sandy [Curbed NY]: Sandy devastated the station just three years after a $545 million renovation. This “new” South Ferry station sits below the old one, but as soon as the storm hit, the MTA was forced to divert the 1 train back to the old station. As many commuters are fully aware, the old South Ferry Station requires that passengers be seated in the first five train cars to disembark, and the new station was meant to alleviate that problem.

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