Photo courtesy of Douglaston Development

This summer’s art installations bring a lot of color and imagination to New York City. From sculptures in Rockaway Beach to telephone booths set up in Times Square and anniversary celebrations for Prospect Park and The Public Art Fund, here are ten not-to-miss art installations for the month of July (in addition to several pieces from AprilMay and June still on view).

11. The OY/YO Sculpture in Williamsburg

Brooklyn simply hasn’t been the same without the OY/YO Sculpture. Luckily, it’s back this month at the Williamsburg Waterfront, and was unveiled by NYC Parks and Douglaston Development LLC at the waterfront, on the esplanade of the North 5th Street Pier and Park, on July 13th. It will remain in its new home until July 2018.

Created by Brooklyn-based artist Deborah Kass, this signature sculpture recaptures iconic 20th century styles, with its own touch of women’s empowerment. Derived from urban and Brooklyn slang, OY/YO incorporates both the Spanish phrase “I am” as well as the popular Yiddish exclamation. It was originally created as a painting by Kass, as her response to Edward Ruscha’s 1962 painting OOF.

OY/YO first appeared in 2011 in the form of paintings, small sculptures, and prints. In 2015, it was commissioned by The Two Trees Management Company, which is the Dumbo-based real estate developer who also built the Domino sugar site in Williamsburg. And now, it has a new home in Williamsburg, waiting for New Yorkers to come back and visit.