6. What a Wonderful World Arrives in Tribeca Park

What a Wonderful World by artist Leonard Ursachi

Artist Leonard Ursachi has created an installation that he views as “evoking nests, birth, history, and nature.”  What a Wonderful World is an 8-foot high by 5.5-foot in diameter, egg-shaped sculpture, woven from branches and featuring a sketch of the world map in pigmented cement, augmented by colored glass and shells at its broadest point. The two recessed “embrasures” have a stainless steel mirror set in each, and the piece is set on a 7″ high, circular step. You might remember the artist from his installations at the DUMBO Archway, and Fat Boy in Prospect Park.

Leonard Ursachi’s What a Wonderful World will be on view until December 15, 2017 at Tribeca Park, which was once part of the Lispenard Swamp. It is located where Beach Street and Avenue of the Americas merge.