11. Pete’s Tavern, Flatiron District

Photo courtesy of Delia Cabe

Cabe writes that even though famed author O. Henry died in 1910, “more than a century later, he still occupies his favorite booth here (in Pete’s Tavern),” though it was called Healy’s until Pete Bell bought it in 1932. Today, Pete’s Tavern retains many of its original decor since its opening in 1864 including its “peach-and-robin’s-egg-blue tile floor” and “time-worn wooden cash register.”

Since O. Henry, the Tavern’s had quite the decorated past from pretending to be a flower shop during prohibition, to more contemporaneously, becoming the meeting place Johnny Depp and gonzo journalist founder Hunter S. Thompson, as Depp prepared to play the part.

Signature drink: Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri (Hunter S. Thompson’s personal favorite)