Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • This Might be Hanksy’s Last Show as Hanksy [PHOTOS] [Bowery Boogie]: For street artist Hanksy, the pop-up show at the Krause Gallery on Orchard Street this week might be his last under the pseudo-anonymous moniker. Thereafter, the street artist is expected to retire the puns and transition to a new direction.
  • Prospect Park will be completely car-free for two months [Curbed NY]: Say goodbye to automobiles in the Brooklyn park—for the summer, anyway. It has finally happened. After years of buzzing, Prospect Park will be entirely, absolutely, 100 percent car-free—for the rest of the summer, that is.
  • A Little Italy sign reveals an old phone exchange [Ephemeral New York]: They’re hiding in plain sight all over New York: faded ads and signs with the old-school two-letter phone prefixes phased out in the 1960s in favor of 7-digit phone numbers.

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