Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • U Thant Island: Manhattan’s smallest island that’s off limits to the public [6sqft]: Between the United Nations building and Long Island City sits a tiny 100-by-200 foot piece of land, known as U Thant Island. The East River man-made enclave is just south of Roosevelt Island and legally part of Manhattan. As Atlas Obscura discovered, the land did not exist until the 1800s when a trolley tunnel was dug beneath the River to connect Manhattan and Queens. While U Thant looks like a nice place to get some sun and relax, the island remains closed to the public as a bird sanctuary.
  • Going back in time at the Village’s Corner Bistro [Ephemeral New York]:The wooden table tops with generations of names scratched into them have been replaced, and signs posted on the back brick wall remind patrons that smoking is forbidden. But the two little rooms of the Corner Bistro maintain that time-traveling Village taverny feel.

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