2. 58th Street and 6th Avenue

You don’t have to have seen the 1969 Dustin Hoffman featured movie, Midnight Cowboy, to have seen the iconic scene filmed on the crosswalk of 58th St. and 6th Avenue. This scene gave film-goers one of the most memorable quotes in all of cinema. After approximately fifteen different takes, Hoffman and co-star Jon Voight were crossing the street when an oncoming taxi drove into the shot and almost struck the actors. Staying in character, Hoffman hit the hood of the car and yelled, “Hey!  I’m walking here!

The scene was very real, and was in fact not scripted. Hoffman and Voight were legitimately almost hit by a taxi cab. While it’s not an ideal way to create an iconic movie moment, there certainly isn’t a doubt that it drastically hit home with people who have ever walked the streets of New York City.

The crosswalk, like many iconic movie locations throughout New York City, isn’t marked, but movie fans can still be impressed with the history that came out of Hoffman’s ad-lib on that crosswalk, although it’s not exactly recommended trying to recreate the scene.