3. Queensboro Bridge From 58th Street

These were approximately the same views seen by Allen and Keaton

New York City is home to many spots that one could call romantic, but in Woody Allen‘s 1979 film, Manhattan, the foot of 58th St. is home to a movie shot that overlooks the East River and the Queensboro Bridge. Shot at 4 AM, Allen and Diane Keaton’s characters settle down on a bench after a nightlong walk and look out over the river.

The scene was filmed using only available light from the street, giving it a “real” feeling, and in the process showing off one of New York City’s softer touches. Enjoying a resurgence in filming, the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge was also featured in several more recent movies including Now You See Me, Saltand The Dark Knight Rises.

Unlike many other locations in the city that have become synonymous with famous films, the view of the Queensboro Bridge remains intact, with benches still placed at the foot of 58th St.