6. Port Authority Bus Terminal on 8th Avenue

Bowling alley inside the Port Authority Bus Terminal

While the Port Authority Bus Terminal is anything from “untapped,” it might come as a surprise to some that many movies have used it as their filming location. While the bus terminal has been the filming location for movies like The Anderson Tapes and World Trade Center, perhaps the most notable film was the Madonna-featured Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985.

The terminal is featured prominently in the scene where Madonna is making her way into New York City uses a restroom hand dryer to blow on her underarms and face.  It was a scene that helped prove to the world that Madonna was not just a musician, as the entire scene was improvised and fit in with her character perfectly. This scene not only helped establish the actress as an incredible talent, but also helped establish the busy terminal as a suitable candidate for filming.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is considered the busiest terminal in the world based on volume, as well as the biggest in the country with 223 departure gates. As the volume of flow has continued to increase throughout the years, the building has continued to grow and make changes to find ways to accommodate, eventually leading to the now notorious look that has many considering the building ugly. Ugly or not, the Port Authority Bus Terminal has proved itself as a popular movie location.