Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • NYC water towers: History, use, and infrastructure [6sqft]: For over 100 years, water towers have been a seamless part of New York City’s skyline. So seamless, in fact, they often go unnoticed, usually overshadowed by their glassy supertall neighbors. While these wooden relics look like a thing of the past, the same type of water pumping structure continues to be built today, originating from just three family-run companies, two of which have been operating for nearly this entire century-long history.
  • Out of Fizz, Brooklyn’s Senior Seltzer Man Passes the Torch [The New York Times]: “Old seltzer men never die,” Eli Miller, 84, used to tell his customers. “They just lose their spritzer.” Even by age 80, Mr. Miller, who delivered seltzer in Brooklyn for more than a half-century, was beginning to lose his fizz, physically.

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