2. Mud baths at the Rockaways

Just a little ways away from the landing of the new Rockaway Ferry is a strange collection of shops. Among the attractions offered: you can get in a mud bath, $7 for 15 minutes. There’s also an art gallery called Topless, curated by Brent Binbaum, and a cinema that once showed a set of films curated by Greta Gerwig. All of it is surrounded by palm trees, which were imported from Florida at $5000 a tree. This is all part of a complex called “The Palms.”

Located near the Palms is the Secret Spot Surf Museum, opened in 2015 by Fernando Pires. The Rockaways became a popular destination for surfers in the late 20th century. Pires, a surfer himself, moved from Rio di Janero to New York at age 20. In the 1990s, he opened a surf shop called the “Secret Surf shop.” Now, nearly 30 years later, he wants to create a museum showcasing old surfboards and surf memorabilia. He is still currently seeking funds to get the museum off the ground.

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