4. The Muse Hotel’s 7 Deadly Sins

The “Passion” Bathroom

The bathroom is probably not the first place you associate with getting existential, but Midtown’s Muse Hotel lives up to its name by offering an opportunity to do just that. The bathroom consists of seven stalls, each named after a different one of the seven deadly sins. Depending on what kind of night you’re having, you can choose Glam, Vain, Rebel, Passion, Macho, and Envy. Each connects to a common lounge area, which represents purgatory.

The bathrooms themselves are works of art, each fitting their moniker. The Vain bathroom is made of hundreds of mirrors. The Rebel room contains a shattered mirror and imposing Gothic architecture. The Passion room is illuminated by red neon light. The Macho room boasts a wooden design and an antler wall fixture, and the Envy bathroom is, fittingly, green.