Bonus! Bette Midler and 50 Cent

Photo of Bette Midler (left) backstage at the Grammy Awards in 1990. Image via Wikimedia Commons user Alan Light. Rapper 50 Cent in concert (right). Image via Wikimedia Commons user Alex Cons.

While not quite falling under the “historic” category, we couldn’t resist mentioning that Broadway superstar Bette Midler and rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson might be starting what the next century will refer to as their famous New York City friendship. The friendship started when Jackson joined the New York Restoration Project, which Midler founded in 1995. According to Vanity Fair, Midler said of her pal. ‘I love him; he’s a doll.'” She also told E!, that Curtis didn’t even ask about the price tag before joining the project. He just asked, “Where do sign?”

Real quickly, we’d also like to mention that 50 Cent has been seen hanging out with Meryl Streep as well– court side at a Lakers versus Knicks game–and let’s not even start on Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart or their TV show.

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